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Tuck Takashi Saul, PhD

For over 30 years I have helped people with developing new life skills, improving their emotional intelligence to be more effective in managing all their relationships, and making and/or adjusting to changes in their professional and personal lives. My credentials include being a Hudson Institute Certified Coach, along with being a licensed psychologist (PhD) - retired, with a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). I have taught classes at the graduate level (The Ohio State University), have done training modules for small businesses (ie. sexual harassment in the work place, conflict management skills acquisition, diversity training, etc.), held long-term consulting contracts with medical service providers, and coached people in leadership positions on the use of Collaborative Communication Skills in the work place.


Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching centers around developing a powerful partnership in which the client feels safe enough to be able to see what is visible but not noticed, and to unlearn what is known in order to make space for the new learning that may be required to be successful in meeting the next set of challenges. My role as coach is to provide unbiased, candid and timely feedback while keeping the client focused upon their set goal(s).


Coaching Style:

My style encompasses communicating respect, validation, and support for the client’s strengths through positive feedback. My coaching skills, including my ability to hear what is said and not said, asking powerful questions, challenging the client’s thinking process, and pressing for behavioral change and action, are utilized to facilitate the client reaching their desired goal(s).


Areas of Specialty or Expertise:

  • Coaching people in business who have technical skills, but lack relationship (emotional intelligence) skills to truly be effective in working with or leading others.
  • Coaching people who find themselves feeling stale and stuck in their work life, their INTERNAL FIRE diminishing, reducing their return on investment (ROI) to their company and to themselves.
  • Coaching people who live with constant anxiety in their life triggered by following the rules of perfectionism, derailing their ability to manage change(s) and to remain flexible.
  • Coaching couples to becomes more effective in their communication and learning how to manage conflicts well.

In summary, my work as a coach is to be a change agent, partner, mentor, advocate, facilitator, provider of perspective, and relationship manager for the workplace or at home.

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